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GDEV Sustainability Report

GDEV Sustainability Development

Our approach is focused on integral practices, giving back to local communities, and contributing to the gaming’s positive impact to the world.

GDEV considers sustainability very seriously from the very first day. Environment protection, social diversity and inclusiveness, contemporary governance — all of this and much more is what we are striving to enhance on an everyday basis. Moreover, we believe that GDEV sustainability focus should benefit our players and local communities exactly the same way as employees and shareholders. That’s why our ESG journey is a top priority that constitutes further success of the entire company and even independent european gamedev industry.

GDEV’s sustainability strategy

Our sustainability strategy is based upon UN SDGs, a globally recognised agenda providing a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet. We also use the SASB standard to unify reporting of ESG data.

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Our Sustainability Strategy outlines three pathways that reflect the varying levels of impact that GDEV has on different stakeholders: our employees, local, and the wider global communities. To further guide our efforts, we've also identified four key areas of focus that align with our interactions with the world, and we've grouped our sustainability activities into these areas based on their impacts.

Three Pathways Approach

Meet ESG standards and requirements in IT industry
Be responsible and giving back to the local communities
Contribute to the gamings’ positive impact on the world

in Four Focus Areas

In 2023, our holding company changed its name to GDEV, reflecting our focus on the growth of a diversified portfolio, aiming to maximize efficiency, foster transparency, and promote a culture of independence and creativity within each studio.
We strongly believe in the power of video games to entertain, educate, and inspire players. That's why our games have a broad cooperative function, a positive atmosphere, and a strict ban on abusive behavior.
We want to be beneficial to residents of all official studios locations, supporting various local initiatives and organizations.
Key areas of our concern are energy usage, climate impact, responsible use of natural resources, and waste reduction.

GDEV sustainability in a nutshell

Our Achievements

  • Our Board of Directors is highly diverse in terms of gender, experience, and professional background
  • Adopted an Inclusion & Diversity Policy and established an ethics committee to protect our employees
  • Organized a series of in-game events promoting environmental and social themes
  • Feature a wide representation of female and non-binary characters in our games
  • Pay great attention to ecology in our company's daily life

Commitments and Future Plans

  • Carbon neutral by 2030 across our Scope 2 emission
  • Promote universal ideas and values through our games
  • Participate in ecological, sport, and social activities in our official locations
  • Provide creative independence to studios while supporting them strategically
  • Continue improving the waste and energy efficiency management

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