Sustainability Report
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GDEV’s Approach

Our approach is focused on integral practices, giving back to local communities, and contributing to the gaming’s positive impact to the world.

GDEV considers sustainability very seriously from the very first day. Environment protection, social diversity and inclusiveness, contemporary governance — all of this and much more is what we are striving to enhance on an everyday basis. Moreover, we believe that GDEV sustainability focus should benefit our players and local communities exactly the same way as employees and shareholders. That’s why our ESG journey is a top priority that constitutes further success of the entire company and even independent european gamedev industry.

Sustainable Strategy

Our sustainability strategy is based upon UN SDGs, a globally recognised agenda providing a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet. We also use the SASB standard to unify reporting of ESG data.

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GDEV Sustainability efforts have a three pillars approach:

Corresponding to all today’s standards and expectations: separate waste collection, diversity, striving to zero emission, etc.
Focusing on those who are around both geographically and in our industry: local events, ecology initiatives, helping disabled gamers, sponsorship, charity projects, etc.
Following our belief that gaming makes the world a better place: join game industry initiatives to help the world, promote environmental and social agenda through our games, etc.

Our Commitments

As an industry leader, GDEV strives to attract the best employees and enable the professional development of the team. We cultivate a friendly environment and develop an open corporate culture that comes from founders and management. At GDEV, employees can combine their love for games with their professional ambition and pursuit of excellence.
GDEV is maintaining community engagement, promoting universally recognized values such as love for one's neighbor, mutual support, kindness and the equality of all people. We try to participate in various local events and improve the lives of people around us.
We endeavor to positively affect people and communities around us: local residents where we operate, gamedev communities, as well as IT forums and organizations in various countries of the world. Our success and achievements should contribute to the development of cities and regions, as well as the entire global game development industry.
We intend to develop environmental sustainability and ecology both within the company as well as promoting these values through our games and supporting charitable projects and organizations.
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